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मृगौला जोगाउँन के गर्ने? जानकारी लिनुस

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Maiyung Dada, Bhojpur

Timma is one of the remote and underdeveloped VDC of Bhojpur district. Timma is second largest VDC in Bhojpur. Pikhuwa khola (stream) is famous  for fishing and swimming in Bhojpur, its fountain  lies in Timma. Timma is free of load shedding, hydropower is generated by Shawa khola. The highest peak in Timma is Maiyung, it is famous for tourism area in Bhojpur, Nepal.  We can see panoramic view of Himalayans as well as mountain from this peak, around the Maiyung there are greenery jungle, herbs, flowers, rocks, meadow, animals (Chauri Gai, Yak)etc. Many people from different areas come to visit Maiyung, when they reached there, somehow they feel amazed and feel free from their hectic life.

There is also Another amazing place near Maiyung hill that is Hass Pokhari (pond). According to forefathers Hass Pokhari 's name remained Hass Pokhari because of its shape is same like Hass, i.e  Raja Hass (swan) come in this pound then swim over the pound. Its main feature is where is water's…

Sonam Losar सोनाम ल्होसार

Lho means year or age and Sar means new or fresh. The word Lhosar means New Year or beginning of new era. Tamang celebrate theirnew year on the first day of new moon or in other words the very next day after the no-moon day of month of Magh (Magh Sukla Pratipada).

Tamang has a tradition of counting year with association of symbols of 12 different animals. It starts with Rat and ends on Boar. 
The twelve animals of the Tamang years Tamang New Years Start date and Animal Associated with the years
Animals Names Tamang English Nepali New Year Start Dates जिवा Rat मुसा 19-Feb-96 7-Feb-08 25-Jan-20 लङ

अपराधलाइ राजनितिकरण

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