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Institutional Activities

The Relief Trust
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Institutional Activities
(August 2017)
1.      Honor and Felicitation
January 7, 2017 The Relief Trust, organized Honoring programme to Distinguished Persons for their eminent personalities Mr. Ramesh Tamrakar, Social worker ,SOS Children's Village (Balgram), Litterateur Dik Bantawa, writer, director and social activist, Basudev Adhikari, visual impaired social worker, Bright Star Society Nepal, and Yuwaraj Thapa, differently abled social worker, Conflict, Victim & Disable Society Nepal
2.   Training/Workshops/Seminar:
2.1        Graduation Ceremony of Six Months Counselling Training
January 7, 2017, "Graduation Ceremony of Six Months Psychosocial Counselling Training," was conducted. They were altogether 10 participants where TRT had awarded a full scholarship for one participant Ms. Anita Neupane (differently abled).  The ceremony involved experience sharing of participants followed with drama. 

2.2  Six month Psychosocial Counselling Training
TRT has started 5th batch of counselling training. Participants were from different sectors such as governmental, non-governmental and individual.

2.3  National Seminar:

On March 27, 2015, a National Seminar on the theme of Public Security & Preventive Measures of Violence against Women and Children was organized with the support of April 02, 2017 Fredrick Ebert Stiftung, a Germany based INGO.  The chief Guest of the programme was Rt. Chief Justice Mr. Kedar Prasad Giri, Supreme Court, Nepal. The special guests were Mr. Surya Prasad Shrestha, Former Chief Election Commission of Nepal, Mr. Gopi Nath Mainali, Election Commission Nepal, Mr. Hem Bahadur Singh or Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan, IGP, Rt. Nepal Police, General Rookmangud Katuwal, Former Chief of Staff, Nepal Army.

There were altogether 3 papers with the topics as: "Introduction to Public Security, Election and Emergency Preparedness" by Mr. Dr. Chuda Bahadur Shrestha, SSP, Retd. Nepal Police"Civil-Security Relation to Ensure Election Security Management" by Mr. Shyam Sundar SharmaJoint Secreatary, Rt. Government of Nepal"Role of Media and Civil Society in Democratic Election Process" by Mr. Krishna Murari Bhandari & Assbin Kumar Pudasaini, Society Scholars, "Emergency Preparedness, Security and Medical First Aid" by Dr. Kulesh ThapaDIGP, Retd.  Nepal Police Hospital, "Role of Nepal Police in Natural/Human induced Disaster Management" by SSP Narayan Singh Khadka, Disaster Management Division PHQ.  At the end of the session, General Rookmangud Katuwal gave closing remarks about the seminar. Thereupon Chairperson of TRT gave vote of thanks respectively.
2.4 Communication & Emotion Intelligence
 On April 09, 2017, TRT organized one day Orientation on Communication and Emotional Intelligence to the staffs of TRT and executive body by Katrina Zavalney.

3.      Awareness programme
On March 25, 2017, bestow Awareness Programme on Psychosocial Counseling to the participations of Blind Youth Association, Nepal by staffs of TRT; Kusuma Rayamajhi and Sujan Rai. The workshop was organized by the blind and partially sighted youths on the premises of Blind Youth Association Nepal-BYAN, Sukedhara.
Understanding Child Connectedness and Self Care
For the purpose of capacity building on psychosocial part to the staffs of Umbrella Foundation, The Relief Trust (Dukha Niwaran Guthi) conducted the training on child connectedness focusing on child development, attachment, psychosocial issues including communication, PFA (Psychosocial First Aid) and self care. The training was conducted at Child Welfare Board office, Bidur Nuwakot District from June 3-6, 2017.

Workshop on Self care for Health Service Providers
Paropakar Maternity and Women's Hospital has introduced 2 days workshop on "Self-care for Health Service Providers," on July 13-14, 2017 (Ashad 29-30, 2074). With the support of Maternity Hospital, The Relief Trust (TRT) conducted the workshop for Doctors, Nurses and Management Team. The workshop was focused on Self Care and Team Building with the aim of caring oneself as well as caring others (clients/patients). There were altogether 25 participants including Senior Nurses and administrative staffs.
Orientation on Raid, Custody, Rescue and Rehabilitation
Dr. Chuda Bahadur Shrestha has given orientation on Raid, Custody, Rescue and Rehabilitation to the staffs of Women and Children Service Center, Nepal Police.  This training was organized by Change Nepal dated on July 15, 2017.  There were 17 participants in total.
On dated May 2, 2017(Baisakh 19, 2074), The Relief Trust provided scholarship to Umesh Tamang and Usha Tamanag, children of Rajib Tamang and Swastika Tamang. Who are inhabitant of Kavreplanchowk, both Rajib and Swastika are visually impaired. Umesh is studying in class eight and Usha is studying in grade three in Sikchyasadan School, Dhulikhel.
Talk Programme with newly Elected Body/Personnel

Welcome programme was organized on May 30, 2017 (Jestha 16, 2074) by The Relief Trust (TRT). The programme was held in TRT office's hall. Newly elected ward president Mr. Dipak Kc and other elected members Ms Sarmila Pariyar, Sita Thapa and Krishna Raj Chalise were welcome by Dr. Chuda Shrestha afterward informed about organization activities by executive director Ms Chetana Lokshum, Psychologist.
Training for Care Givers
7 Days training for Care Givers on Understanding and Communicating with Children from Psychological Perspective. Facilitators were expert of different field of psychology. There were 7 participants among them some of the trainees were from Jumla too!
Feedback was awesome they have given at the end of the session.
Child Mental Health Awareness
The Relief Trust Organized half a day Child Mental Health Awareness Programme at Gauri Shankar School, Bafal, Kathmandu. We have intervened on topic Health, Mental Health, Stress, Stress Management and Constructive coping of the students' grade 8, 9 and 10.
Dated on Tuesday, November 14, 2017,
Charity/Aid to the vulnerable group:
On dated December 12, 2017, TRT provided charity to the resident of Salakpur, Morang, ASI Mr. Dan Bahadur Khadka. Unfortunately, his house was burned to ashes. In sudden loss of his valuable property TRT empathetically helped the sum of 2500 (Twenty-five hundred only) for his relief/restoration.
Orientation on Proposal Writing:

TRT, Nepal organized orientation on Proposal Writing at PeDS' Hall, Budhanilkantha on December 23, 2017 Saturday. The main facilitator was Mr. Sushil Raj Ghimire, he gave brief introduction about funding proposal and history of the project. There were 18 participants altogether from PeDS and TRT.


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