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Kirant Bantawa Rai

Bantava Kirat (Rai) Language and Culture Exploration Organization  (Pratisthan Kirat Rai bantawa Khim) Brief Information: Bantawa Kirat (Rai) language and culture exploring organization is (Kirat Rai Yayokhha ,Kirat Rai bantava khim) All bantawa and Bantawa tuner organization is registered with the government of Nepal and its the "Kirat Rai Yayokkha". It is Bantawa's linguistic and caste preservation  organization, its shares of  all fraternal is Kirat Rai Yayokkha, its central office in Kathmandu, Sumnima building is located at Koteshwore. The eight district committees are Kathmandu, Sunsari, Dhankuta, Bhojpur, Taplejung, Panchthar. Ilam and udayapur . The purpose of this organization with all Nepali and rai to keep  unity  and build up is versatile boundary . Therefore, all the affiliated institutions about  bantawa and Bantawa tuners are warmly welcome to join in this organization for their hands together. It was founded in 2058 and its founder and chairman is Dik Bantawa…

Nepathya launches music video in memory of quake victims

Popular Nepali folk rock band Nepathya on Monday released a music video in memory of victims of the magnitude-7.6 earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 last year. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the devastating quake, which killed nearly 9,000 people, Nepathya launched the video of Naramro Sapana.
In a statement, Nepathya’s promoter Nepa~laya also informed that the band had dedicated a couple of its shows to the quake victims immediately after the tremor last year. The song Naramro Sapana was originally released in 2001, but now it was “reinterpreted” with footage of before- and after-earthquake situations to devote it to the victims of the quake, Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepa~laya informed. “Those who died left us with memories, but we who survived must rise and live” said Amrit Gurung, the band frontman, said in the statement. Nepathya Frontman Amrit Gurung performing amidst the backdrop of Nepal’s earthquake visual. Courtesy: Nepa~laya

Introduction about Bhojpur

Bhojpur district (भोजपुर जिल्ला), a part of Koshi Zone, is one of the seventy five districts of Nepal, a landlocked   country in South Asia. The district, with Bhojpur as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,507 km² and has a population (2001) of 203,018. Traditionally, the inhabitants of this area have been the indigenous Rai ethnic group; the Newar ethnic group being the main people in the Bhojpur town. Bhojpur forms part of Majh Kirat/Kirant (Middle Kirat). It is one of the richest districts in Nepal in biodiversity. 
To the northern part of this district lies the beautiful small city of Dingla. Various hill castes, Brahmin (bahun in Nepali), Kshetriya(Chhettri in Nepali), and ethnic groups like Rai reside within this beautiful area. This is the place where rudraksha trees are grown naturally in the forest as well as individually on people's land. The religious leader, women's rights activist and poet Yogmaya Neupane was born in 1860 in Dingla.
Champe is the other …