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Kirant Bantawa Rai

Bantava Kirat (Rai) Language and Culture Exploration Organization  (Pratisthan Kirat Rai bantawa Khim)
Brief Information:
Bantawa Kirat (Rai) language and culture exploring organization is (Kirat Rai Yayokhha ,Kirat Rai bantava khim) All bantawa and Bantawa tuner organization is registered with the government of Nepal and its the "Kirat Rai Yayokkha". It is Bantawa's linguistic and caste preservation  organization, its shares of  all fraternal is Kirat Rai Yayokkha, its central office in Kathmandu, Sumnima building is located at Koteshwore. The eight district committees are Kathmandu, Sunsari, Dhankuta, Bhojpur, Taplejung, Panchthar. Ilam and udayapur .
The purpose of this organization with all Nepali and rai to keep  unity  and build up is versatile boundary . Therefore, all the affiliated institutions about  bantawa and Bantawa tuners are warmly welcome to join in this organization for their hands together.
It was founded in 2058 and its founder and chairman is Dik Bantawa Rai . It was founded in November 2068 the first national conference 16 magsir,  formed the following position and task

1. President Mr saranakumara Rai Phone 842055262 -9
2. Vice President Smt Nirmala Rai Phone 842025612 -9
3 .. ''  Mr. Maj. Cham bahadur Rai Phone 8412 9 84 9 1 -9 
4 general secretary Rewatiraman Rai Phone 842053002 -9
5 ''  - Mr. srisisa Rai Phone 842082802 -9 
6, ... - Sri devi  Phone 842082334 -9
7Treasurer- susri Shiva bantava Phone 852045213 -9
8. Member - Mr. Bhakta Rai Phone-9 8410 22625
9 .. Members - Mrs canma Yuma Rai Phone-9 841210785
10 -... Mr Purna Bahadur Rai Rai Phone-9 842464632
11- ...Mr GD Rai Phone-9 841602045
12, Member - Mr. Deepak Rai bantava phone-9 803017155
13, members - Mrs Weather Rai Phone-9 842826740
14 -... Mr. takalala Rai Phone-9 8420615 9 8
15 -... Mr. uddavakumara Rai Phone-9 852045614
16, member - Mrs Sharada Rai Phone-9 84133036 9
Advisory Committee
1. Mr. Dik bantawa Rai Phone - 9 851046560 (Founder President)
2. DR. Rai novalkisor ​​phone - 9 851120485
3 .. Mr. Jitpal coordinator phone - 9 841854873
4 .. Mr. Kul Rai Phone - 9 803307753
5 .. Mr gangaraja phone - 9 845821781
6 .. Mr. Kaji bantava phone - 9 9 540 85104
7 .. Mrs. Naradevi Rai Phone - 9 9 102 72132
8. . Mr. puranajana Rai Phone - 9 851040450
9. . Dr. .As. R. Khambu phone - 9 842626560
10 ,. Mr Kiran Rai bantava phone - 9 841 9 15806

This is because we need their own organization to focus on the second national conference to help and select a new leadership to unite , unity is the strength !
Central Working Committee
Bantava Kirat (Rai) Language and Culture Exploration Organization  (Pratisthan Kirat Rai bantawa Khim)

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