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Hack other’s WiFi password by this method

Hack other’s WiFi password by this method

Everyone got smartphone in their hands in this hi-tech age. So, it is a normal thing people will sue 3G or WiFi on their smartphone. However, sometimes there will be too much panic because of no internet services while leaving outside. So, to hack password of unknown people will be really a great happiness. There will be open WiFi network in colleges, mall or cinema hall. But does not work without password. But you can easily hack WiFi network password.

Here are methods to crack the public WiFi password;
1. Best WiFi network Hacker
This app producer company claims that this application will crack any type of application encryption. This app is very popular for public WiFi password hack. any kind of Regardless of the company to make this app as your application password encryption is also detected by breaking the accustomed claim. Public Wi-Fi password to hack this app is considered hot. 2. How to hack wireless network
It is also another app, which w…

Advantages of Neem leaves

Leaves of Neem have many and different advantages. It is used to make different type of medical and Ayurvedic medicines. It is the most valuable and useful things for human beings. It have more than hundreds of advantages among them these are the top and unknown for the people.

1. For eye and ear:
Fruits of Neem is used to make a medicinal cream of eye and ear. It contain anti-bacterial quality which helps to fight with bacteria which produce different health problems. 2. Prevent Malaria:
Fruit of Neem is use to prevent from Malaria because the smell of Neem helps to move out Mosquitoes and Neem oil destroy eggs of mosquitoes. 3. Family Planning:
According to investigation, Neem fruit is also used for family planning. Oil of Neem is use as family planning for female as lubricant. If you are planning about child, never use Neem. Keep a pregnant woman far from it. 4. Make fertility soil:
Wastage material from Neem after producing oil from it, use in cultivated land which make high fertilit…

Know these tips about Facebook

Know these tips about Facebook

Facebook, besides contacting with friends, upload videos and photos there are many other function. In this, you can read news and watch the entertaining things which are uploaded by different pages and groups. Not only these, there are many other functions and work of Facebook. Here are most important tips about Facebook.

1. View of Activity:
There is a activity log in your Facebook Profile Page where all your activity like post, comment, like, life events and other are included but except chat.