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Your health condition from your tongue

The different health problems are found with the help of tongue. While we visit the doctors, they also see our tongue with the help of light and know our health condition. Here are some health tips about your health condition from your tongue.

1. Healthy Tongue: Healthy tongue is light red in color, contain water and have not any spots.
2. White layer in tongue: Problem in digestive problems, acidity and weakness. It may be viral infection.
3. Thick yellow layer: It is the symbol of cold, viral infection and more hot inside the body. It is the symbol of problem in intestine and digestive system.
4. Bright red tongue: It is the symbol of fever, warm in blood, infection and internal wound.
5. Light yellow tongue: It is the symbol of lack of blood, jundice, weakness, swelling of intestine, lack of sleep and tired.
6. Eggplant color tongue: It is the symbol of lack of vitamin B2, swelling on body parts, problem in mensuration in women and side effect of medicines.
7. Front of tongue in red color: It is the symbol of weakness and mental pressure. Also a problem of women mensuration period.
8. Red color of bottom part: It is the symbol of problem in intestine.
9. White spot in tongue: Different health problems and infection in health.

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