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Writing tips

Writing Tips 1Know yourreader
2Think about what youwant to tell your reader andwhy
3Think about howmany words you’ve got andhow much time youhave
4Put your topic in the formof aquestion
5Read everything youcan about yourquestion
6Take notes,highlight passages,photocopy pages, copy andpaste paragraphs,download passages from theInternet, and collect ideas fromother sources into a computerfile or hard-copyfolders
7When you keep findingthe same references,stop reading and startgrouping your materialsinto categories

Bhojpur Eastern part of Nepal

Bhojpur is a remote district of the mid- hills which falls in Koshi zone of the eastern development region, among five development regions of Nepal. This district is surrounded in the east by Sankhuwasabha and Dhankuta, in the west by Khotang, in the north by Solukhumbu and in the south by Udayapur. The district, Bhojpur as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,507 km² and has a population (2001) of 203,018. Traditionally, the inhabitants of this area have been the indigenous Rai ethnic group; the Newar ethnic group being the main people in the Bhojpur town. Bhojpur forms part of Majh Kirant (Middle Kirant). It is one of the richest districts in Nepal in biodiversity.
To the northern part of this district lies the beautiful small city of Dingla. Various hill castes, Brahmin (bahun in Nepali), Kshetriya(Chhettri in Nepali), and ethnic groups like Rai reside within this beautiful area. This is the place where rudraksha trees are grown naturally in the forest as well as individ…