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About Jhapa District

Jhapa District is situated in the far eastern part of Nepal. Most part of this place is covered by plain land of Terai. This place is also known as grain glossary of Nepal. This district covers 1606 km2and all the plain land are good for farming. Jhapa is rich in natural as well as cultural and religious heritages. There are lots of place which have its own important and can be consider as best place to visit. A wide range of people of different community and culture are living here. Bharmins, Chhetris, Newars , Rais, Limbus,Rajbanshi, Dhimals, Tamang, Gurung, Magar and many other community peoples are here living together in peace and harmony. 
There are lots of cultural and religious places in this district. Kankai Mai, Kichakbadh,Satasidham, Arjundhara are few of them. This place also have the place name Kechanakalan which is at a height of only 60m from sea-level and is consider as the place of Nepal situated in lowest altitude. JamunKhadi Wetland is also a good place to visit wh…