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Trek upto Halesi Khotang

Intro about Halesi Halesi is one of the mysterious place to visit. It lies in Khotang district . Halesi is meeting point of Lord Buddha and Lord Shiv . They met each-other in this place.  So, we can see both religious people in the Halesisthan cave , one side Budhist and another side Hindu. People believe that if we beg something to god in Halesi god hear and then it becomes true to their life. So, Halesi is one of the main temple of the Hindu people. This place is really mysterious, we can see rocky mountain and big stone . Inside big stone we can see different believe in different things such as, "Pap Duwar", "Dharma Duwar", "Karma Duwar" etc. In the entry gate there is Gumba of Buddhist, so it gives really contradict feelings to visitors. Inside the cave we can see amazing creation of god or amazing creation of nature, shape of stones are different kind of. In this cave we can see flying pigeon and bats all around. Another opposite side of the cave als…